One Step Up Students Hosting Unique Fundraiser this Friday

HOPE Neighborhood Garden

HOPE Neighborhood Garden

Kids can appreciate a nice, green lawn as much as any adult, perhaps more so, because kids are the ones who are spending more time on a playground or in a yard; they should be at any rate. Kids from One Step Up at the HOPE Center in Lincoln School in Lamar want to raise funds to purchase a sprinkler system and get some grass growing on their playground.  Right now, it’s pretty sparse with only some dirt and gravel open to them.

Flowers on the Fence at HOPE Center, Playground in Background

Flowers on the Fence at HOPE Center, Playground in Background

One Step Up, funded through the Big Timbers Community Alliance, is hosting a fundraiser lunch and auction event, Friday, May 12th from 11:30am to 1pm at the HOPE Center, 200 North 10th Street in Lamar.  The students are looking for some help on their project.  Actually, there are five that have been identified for the coming year.

The first project is a grass-covered playground at Lincoln School. They are seeking donations and supplies to lay in a sprinkler system which will water a large open space at the school playground.  They already have ideas on how to enjoy the addition which includes a lot of outdoor activities such as football, soccer, baseball, yoga, family picnics, stargazing and any other event you can imagine a kid would enjoy, flying kites, playing tag or just sitting in the sunshine reading a book.

Other projects include: Art at the Skatepark; a tree farm park only yards away from the HOPE Center, safety crossing sites along Main Street in Lamar and recess. Kids are researching ways to support active play and recess in schools and are looking at how other schools are presenting these outdoor activities to their students.

Come out this Friday and start with a guided tour at 11:30am, lunch at Noon and a live auction will follow for pies and other treats. Participants can also bid on donations, supplies and resources to assist the One Step Up projects.

By Russ Baldwin

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