Lamar FBLA Students Competed in Leadership Conference in Vail

Lamar High School

Lamar High School

FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. High school students are able to explore various career opportunities, take part in academic competitions, networking events with accomplished business professionals through workshops, and community service projects. FBLA is geared at helping high school students develop the skills needed to succeed the business world. FBLA helps take students to the next level. By joining this organization, students are able to get a view of the business world and opportunities that they did not know existed outside of the classroom.

Reintroduced to the school-

FBLA has been absent from Lamar High School for a few years and we were able to bring that back this year. FBLA was open to the whole student body that has an interest in learning more about the business world. Our school board felt this was a great program in years past and have been supportive of reestablishing a chapter. Students are able to compete in different categories they are familiar with or gain experience and knowledge in new categories.

Road to Vail-

In order to compete in Vail, students had to earn their spot to state. Students competed in an event and had to place in the top three at Districts held at Otero Junior College in February. Max, Andres and Tyler competed in Business plan and had to come up with and submit a business plan for judging. They submitted the top business plan at districts and earned a first place win. . Mayrene competed in database and design and took first and Karina competed in economic and also had a first place win. Angeleigh took second in journalism which qualified her for state. The girls competing had to take production tests that test the student’s knowledge in their particular subject.

The 2017 State Leadership Conference was held in Vail, CO on April 19-21st.

Team members-

Members of FBLA that competed in state this year are Tyler Geddes, Max Carere, Andres Guevara, Mayrene Slatton-McCoy, Angeleigh LaRosa and Karina Vazquez. Our advisor is Erin Schwartz.


Lamar FBLA received a generous donation from Lamar Fellowship Credit Union this year to help with the costs of state. With this kind of community involvement, student organizations are able to go on trips and experience new things.

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