Several Repair Options Open for Lamar Pool


The Lamar Swimming Pool has to be resurfaced before it can open for business this coming May. The City Council reviewed the cost estimate from M and M Pool Specialists, a firm the city has worked with before.  The complete package is priced at $315,776 and that’s more than the city wants to handle at one time, even with a 15 year warranty before an upgrade was required.  The council had decided in November to split the project into two segments over two years and coat the lap/dive section of the pool in the first year for a $201,504 price tag and follow up with the zero depth pool in 2018.

Lamar Parks and Recreation Director, Rick Akers, approached the council with another option during its February 6th work session.  Akers said he received a call from a pool firm from Leoti, Kansas which recommended a different, less expensive process.  Akers said the new cost for a complete pool lining job is about $100,000 and comes with a ten year warranty.  “We’ve checked on the proposal and I have received a list of some of their references and contact a few.   The town of Broomfield is going with them for a new liner after having been with them for 10 years now and they have listed such places as the Pueblo Country Club, Scott City, Kansas and several other communities,” he explained.

Akers explained their process starts with a felt liner to cover the entire pool area, followed by a pvc cover which is heat welded at the seams and reinforced at ladders and steps. Some pictures he displayed for the council showed the steps for the process.  “You notice there is some wrinkling in the liner, but once the water has been put into the pool, it spreads the liner and pushes it up against the walls of the pool to make a smooth surface area.”  He said the company explained some bubbling may be noticed after the 7th year of use, but that can be repaired as well as any leaks that might develop.

Council members were intrigued but wanted some more warranty information and a look at the company’s policy before they considered a contract, which may be before them for consideration for the February 13th regular meeting.  Several said that for the price of one 15 year treatment with the other company, M and M Pool Specialists, the city could afford at least three treatments or a thirty year span with the Kansas firm which contact Lamar.  Akers said he would have additional information for the council’s consideration.

By Russ Baldwin


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