Bob Seay to Lead Prowers County Democrats

Bob Seay

Bob Seay

Lamar, CO February 15, 2017

Bob Seay, former Congressional candidate, was elected as County Chair of the Prowers County Democrats at the party’s biennial organizational meeting on Wednesday, February 15 at the Cow Palace. Jillane Hixson, former Chair, will serve as Vice Chair.

Seay spoke candidly about the state of the Democratic Party in Prowers County and across the country. “The reality is that after the last election, we have very little political power. Republicans control the White House and Congress and will soon control the Judiciary, once President Trump’s appointments are confirmed.”

“But that does not mean that people should give up. Quite the contrary. It means that now, more than ever, we must stand up and fight for what is important to the people of Prowers County. We must constantly remind Ken Buck, Cory Gardner, and our other elected officials that they work for the people of Colorado and not for corporations, lobbyists, or Donald Trump.”

“Our politicians should protect our interests. For example, Mexico is considering not buying American corn because of President Trump’s policies”, Seay told the group. “Mexico bought $2.4 billion of corn in 2015. Are we going to just accept that loss? How long will it be before other countries decide not to buy our wheat, our beef, or our other agricultural products?”

The group also discussed the future of Social Security, Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act, the program that provides health insurance for hundreds of families in Prowers County. “Republican leadership has failed to come up with a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act. After six years and over 60 attempts to repeal the law, they still have no idea what they are going to do”, Seay said.

“They have failed to develop a realistic plan for immigration. Do we really want ICE to start rounding up our friends, neighbors, employees, and, in many cases, family members whose only crime is that they are caught up in our impossibly complicated immigration system?”

“This is not about Republicans vs. Democrats,” Seay concluded. “This is about putting the needs of the people and businesses of Prowers County first.”

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