Police, Pizza and Kids

Students Enjoy a Unique Pizza Hut Lunch

Students Enjoy a Unique Pizza Hut Lunch

Several middle and high school students from Lamar enjoyed a Pizza Hut lunch break Thursday with Lamar Police Chief Kyle Miller, School Resource Offier, Cory Forgue and several other officers. Each of the students had been selected by teachers at their schools based on academic and general daily performances to qualify as a Student of the Month.

The Other End of the Table

The Other End of the Table

“This is a way to encourage our kids to receive some special recognition for doing good,” explained Chief Miller as he sat waiting for more students to arrive for their pizza buffet, courtesy of the Lamar Pizza Hut. He added, “We’ve been meeting with students at the elementary schools in Lamar, sitting down and having lunch with them at their schools, but this is a little different for the older students so we can get out with them and just talk during a pizza lunch.”

Miller said the restaurant is great about helping out in this way, “They’re really fanstastic about this kind of local support.” He said the police department sets some general guidelines for the teachers and it’s up to the instructors to decide which students they select each month, based on grades, helping other kids with their studies or just getting all their homework in on time on a consistent basis.  He said there were about 17 students nominated last month.

Officer Forgue added that the students also receive a gift card from Taco Johns, a certificate for ice cream from BJs, a Rivals certificate and another certificate from rotating food chains in Lamar. “We also take the names of the high school students and draw a winner for a hoodie from the LCC bookstore.  All students from Washington and Parkview schools, and the high and middle schools are entered in a contest to win a pair of shoes from J & N Shoes in Lamar.  Some elementary schools have books as prizes, plus certificates from Burger King and Little Caesar’s Pizza.

He said the next get-together will be at Washington Elementary on December 6th, Parkview on December 1st and the next Pizza Hut buffet will be on December 14th.

By Russ Baldwin

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