Heroin/Meth Awareness Walk-Letter to the Editor



Thank you all who came to support my first Heroin / Meth Awareness take action walk on Saturday November 5th.  It was a good turn-out.  We had almost 70 people who attended this event. We all have come together to support each other, to share resources and experiences; to tell our stories. I am grateful for your time, travel and effort it took to share your thoughts about our drug problems in our community.  If we all speak the truth, society will begin to recognize the crisis we are all facing as this epidemic of Addiction stops hiding behind walls of silence. If we start the conversation, we as a society can put our efforts towards a solution.

This addiction needs to be recognized as a major problem crisis.

Thanks for the donations from BJs, Sonic, Pit Stop, Burger King and Vic Coberley for the sound system and friends that donated cookies, water and candles. Thanks for coming together and making this happen.

Lidia Duarte

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