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Six seats on the Lamar Partnership Incorporated board are expiring in January. Five positions are for three year terms and one person can fill an unexpired term for one year.  Angie Cue, LPI’s Executive Director said during the monthly meeting on Wednesday, October 26th, some members may opt to renew their position and additional information will be made available in the near future.

LPI members have set this coming Sunday, October 30th as the date to hang holiday lights on the poles lining Main Street in downtown Lamar, an indication of how quickly the seasons are moving ahead on the calendar.

Cue recently updated the Lamar City Council with progress being made on re-establishing the Lamar Historic Preservation Board this past spring.   The board has been working on the application t become a Certified Local Government which will aid in the city’s efforts to learn more about the historical aspects of Lamar.  The board recently toured the Masonic Temple overlooking Main Street.  She said, perhaps half in jest, “We’re still looking for that tunnel which is supposed to run underground through Main Street,” a reference to an alleged and somewhat notorious tunnel which connected several businesses at the turn of the century in Lamar’s early history.

She reviewed the change in LPI’s by-laws which modified member classifications, decreasing four appointees from the former PCDI, now PEP, Prowers County Commissioners, City and Chamber of Commerce…all down to one appointee apiece. The remaining 12 members will be at-large and will also go through an application process.

The group noted the positive comments that have been received since an enlarged photograph of early Main Street times was posted in the front window of the former Main Café. “We need to find more photographs that have a high pixel count, otherwise we won’t be able to enlarge them to the point where they are identifiable,” she told the board.  Discussion also involved updating some banners that are displayed along Main Street and parts of the city and plans are in the works to display a seasonal winter banner next month.

The bi-monthly recycling project for collecting E-waste disposals has set the fall and winter schedule for drop offs at the Thrifty-King parking lot: they are November 12 and December 3rd, 10th and 31st.

The next LPI board meeting is set for November 16th at the Lamar Community Building.
By Russ Baldwin


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