Letter to the Editor: I’m Voting No on Granada’s 2A



I’m Voting No on Granada’s 2A

On 2016’s voter ballot, the Town of Granada is asking residents to vote yes or no on 2A. 2A is a vote yes to sell the Town’s Electric Utilities or a vote no, to not sell.

I am voting no.  Here’s why:

It is my understanding that this was placed on the ballot before all of the facts and figures were completely and thoroughly checked out. Once they were, it was discovered that if the electric utilities are sold, the Town of Granada would be receiving less money in the long run than if we were to keep our ownership intact.  The money that Granada receives from monthly utility payments is the main revenue for the town.  If it sells it is my understanding there will not be enough revenue to pay and keep full-time if any employees.  That means possibly, no clerk’s office, no town maintenance and no police department.

Does this sound like a good deal to you? The promo for 2A makes it sound really good, but it is my opinion it is really bad for Granada.  Also the flyer mentions equal or lower rates with no increase for at least 5 years.  Remember, with the town owning its own utilities, we have a say in what our Town Council does and we do not have to wait 5 years.  Having a Council of people that reside and pay utilities here, that we can see and contact pretty much anytime gives us more control than having an out of town business take over.  Plus, I feel the Town Council has always tried to keep the prices as low as possible for their and fellow citizens sake.

I really don’t know why any municipality of our size would ever want to give up control and revenue that keeps the Town going.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful voting.

Elsie Martin
S. Inge Street
Granada, CO

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