Commissioners Discuss Intended Land Use and Marijuana Ordinance


There was no forward motion by the Prowers County Commissioners to adopt a new ordinance which could close loopholes regarding marijuana practices in the county. Sheriff Sam Zordel approached the commissioners last week with an ordinance which would place some restrictions on how Amendments 20 and 64 are regulated pertaining to recreational and medical marijuana uses.  County attorney, John Lefferdink, who has been in contact with the lawyer from the state Attorney General’s office who now deals with marijuana issues, “He wasn’t aware Douglas County was proposing an ordinance for themselves, which surprised me,” Lefferdink stated.  Sheriff Zordel said Douglas had been joined by others including Lincoln, Kiowa, Otero and Manter counties which wanted to take action to close up some of the loopholes officials believe would still allow marijuana use, but under some additional confines.  Lefferdink said he will visit with City of Lamar Attorney, Garth Neischburg regarding how the city deals with their marijuana ordinance.

The commissioners moved to decline a request from Verizon Wireless for leasing a portion of land at the Prowers County Fairgrounds. Lefferdink stated there was a restriction on how that property could be used, essentially for the benefit of area youth through various activities such as the annual fair and seasonal rodeos.  Last week, Jillaine Hixson met briefly with the commissioners, stating that the land donated to the county by her grandfather, Ernest Eddleman, should be used for purposes other than direct commercial enterprises.  Lefferdink added that other cell phone competitors could begin requesting equal consideration for county-owned land.

By Russ Baldwin


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