Yard Sale Tips & Tricks 4 – Miscellaneous Prep Tips

Yard-Sale-5There are plenty of potential problems that are easy to overlook when preparing for your yard sale. Below are three things to keep in mind that should help make your sale run more smoothly.

First, put away anything you aren’t willing to sell. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is easy to overlook items that are already in the area where you will be hosting your yard sale. This can be particularly troublesome if you plan on using your garage as your sale space. Be sure to take everything out of the area that you don’t want to sell. If you can’t remove it from the sale space, you can also cover it with a sheet or drop cloth. This is helpful with large toolboxes or tools hanging on the wall.

Second, mow your lawn and make sure there aren’t any obstacles that your customers might trip on. This not only make sure there will be fewer stumbles and accidents, but it also makes your sale look more inviting so that people will stop in and take a look at your wares.

Finally, put your pets in the house or backyard away from the sale. Having so many new people at your house may make your pets nervous and nervous pets may strike someone or run away. Additionally, some customers may be allergic to cats or dogs. No matter how well-behaved and friendly your pets may be, you can never be sure how they will react to all of your customers or even how your customers will react to your pets. It is better to err on the safe side and avoid any hassles by removing them from the situation.

This is the fourth installment in a series of articles to help you have the best yard sale ever. Be sure to check the latest yard sale/garage sale listings on our Main Yard Sale page by clicking here.

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