Lamar Partnership Group Discusses Spring/Summer Promotions

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Because the Hotter than Hell summer music and crafts event held in Lamar the past two July’s cost more money than it produced, the LPI board discussed some alternatives for the approaching summer season. The downtown event last July went into the red by about $4,000.  Board members, during their monthly meeting March 23rd, leaned towards sponsoring a beer tent at the 26th Annual Windmill Classic ball games set for July 6-8 at the ballfield complex.

“I’ll need to discuss this idea with the city council before we can make any future plans,” said Executive Director, Angie Cue, “But I think this is an idea that will provide some revenue.” The board agreed that the earnings could be used to help fund other events which would bring visitors to the downtown shopping area, mostly by supporting existing groups rather than developing something new. “We’d probably be able to achieve some funding from this with a lot less work than it took to set up the Hotter than Hell event,” stated Rose Ann Yates.  Initial plans call for the tent to be set up in the open area between the yellow and green baseball fields off Savage Avenue.  Cue told the board members she’ll create a proposal for consideration by the Lamar City Council.

There will be no E-waste recycling center manned on Saturday, May 28th because of the Memorial Day holiday. Signs will soon be displayed that requests residents not to use any plastic grocery bags inside the E-waste bags that contain their recyclable materials.  Apparently, even though the plastic bags are intended to be recycled, the organization is charged extra for their handling.  The E-waste bags can hold the electronic equipment directly without the added plastic.

Discussion focused on the proposed Adopt A Planter Program. LPI and the city are asking various groups to adopt one of the 32 Main Street planters which line the downtown Lamar shopping area.  Individuals, families, neighborhoods, school groups, businesses or various organizations can sponsor a planter for $100 for the season.  Although they are welcome to perform some watering or weeding on their own, the city is employing a young worker who will perform those chores through the spring and summer season.  The planting season for the flowers is expected to begin in May and the deadline to become involved is May 1st.

June is the kick-off month for the proposed Façade Squad mentioned by Cue earlier in the year. This group of volunteers will visit downtown businesses by June 8th to approve having their store’s exterior painted, washed or generally improved to provide a more professional and attractive appearance for the shopping district.

A separate website for LPI was discussed by the board. Cue said she’s looking at developing one that isn’t directly tied to the city’s website.  She said there are some limitations to what can be developed with the current link and believes that the Department of Local Affairs provides some funding to create and maintain a separate site and she’ll explore those possibilities. Volunteers are needed for the City of Lamar Spring Clean Up Day on Saturday, April 30.  The next LPI board meeting will be April 27.

By Russ Baldwin

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