Prowers Area Transit offering free rides through August 31

During the months of July-August 2024, public transit agencies across the state of Colorado join together to take part in a collaborative, statewide initiative to increase public transit usage made possible by Colorado Senate Bill 24-032 in partnership with the Colorado Energy Office.
From July 1st through August 31st Prowers Area Transit will be providing free rides! Beat the heat and have a seat. If you need a ride we can provide, just call 719-336-8034 or download our new SETran app. We do give rides outside of Lamar, within Prowers County, we just need you to plan those trips with us 24 hours in advance when possible.
Now is a perfect time to ride with PAT for the first time! We provide rides to anyone 12 and up. Younger children can ride with an adult. All our buses are equipped with air conditioning, a wheelchair lift, and a car seat.


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