USDA National Agricultural Statistics Services releases 2022 Census of Agriculture


On March 27, the NASS released state and county profiles from the 2022 census  Some of the key conclusions are below.

Farm and ranch numbers shrunk while their sizes grew.  Overall, the number of farms and ranches in Colorado decreased to 36,056 in 2022, down from 38,893 in 2017 (7.3%), while the average size increased from 818 acres to 838 acres in the same period (2.4%).

Producers pumped out $9.22 billion in agricultural products, up from $7.49 billion in 2017.  With farm production expenses of $8.16 billion, Colorado farms had a net cash income of $1.83 billion.  Average farm income rose to $50,692.  A total of 34.8% of Colorado farms had positive net cash income in 2022.

Farms and ranches used more renewable energy.  The majority of Colorado farms, 86.6% reported using solar panels.

Producers continued to skew older, but at a slightly lower rate.  The average age of all Colorado producers was 58.3.

Beginning and young producers energized the market.  There were 24,166 Colorado farmers with 10 or fewer years of experience in 2022.  Beginning farmers are younger than all farmers, with an average age of 49.

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