Viaero and Forge Partnership

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Viaero and Forge Partnership to Deliver Unprecedented Network
Security and Resilience
Ft. Morgan, CO. February 22, 2024 – Today marks a significant milestone in the world of
telecommunications as Viaero and join forces in a groundbreaking partnership. The
collaboration aims to revolutionize network security, reliability, and resilience, setting a new
standard in the industry.
SEMPRE is a pioneer in micro edge datacenter technology. The SEMPRE micro edge
datacenter represents a new era in survivable telecommunications and edge cloud
infrastructure, ensuring the security and resilience of our networks even in the face of
unforeseen challenges.
"We wanted to bring the same resiliency and security we provide to the US military, to
commercial users," said Rob Spalding, Brig. General USAF (ret) and CEO of SEMPRE.
“SEMPRE is honored to be working with a partner like Frank Dirico to support Viaero Wireless
Viaero Wireless is a well-known regional provider of Cellular, Internet and Fiber services for the
rural markets of Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and Wyoming. “I am excited to be part of an
alliance that will elevate our network security to unprecedented levels,” said Frank Dirico.
“Network security is paramount, and Viaero is working toward employing advanced technologies
to safeguard customer communication and data. Today, we are pleased to announce the
partnership with SEMPRE. This collaboration is a testament to our joint commitment to
providing customers with increased security, reliability, and scalability as we upgrade our towers
with 5G technology. Together, we share a mission for national security, reinforcing the
importance of resilient communication in the face of evolving threats.”
Benefits of the Partnership:
 SEMPRE's Resilient and Survivable Digital Infrastructure: Offers communication
continuity, even after an EMP event, and enables smartphones to communicate with
each other.
 Security: Integrates zero-trust principles, ensuring security in both physical and digital
 Edge Computing: Real-time processing within the community for applications.
 Private Networking: Enhances privacy and security.

Viaero and SEMPRE are united in our commitment to delivering hardened infrastructure for
national security and community well-being. “Network security, reliability, and safety are at the
forefront of our shared goals,” said Frank Dirico.
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About Viaero Wireless:
Viaero Wireless has been connecting small communities across Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming for over
30 years, providing reliable cellular and internet services. Our mission is to bridge the digital divide by ensuring
families, businesses, and classrooms have access to dependable connectivity. With a focus on security and
community support, we offer broadband internet, fiber, and wireless solutions to keep our communities connected.
Viaero Wireless prioritizes network security with our RAN Security solution, safeguarding our infrastructure. We are
committed to giving back through service, sponsorships, and high-tech career opportunities, actively contributing to
the growth and well-being of our communities. Viaero Wireless is proud to be locally based, serving as the preferred
communications provider in the regions we serve.
Viaero Wireless: We are where you are.

SEMPRE (Secure EMP-Resilient Edge) connects, protects, and secures what matters most: information and
communication vital to critical infrastructure. To accomplish this, our team of security and digital infrastructure experts
set out to tackle every aspect of what modern communications should offer users: security, resiliency, high-
performing edge compute and survivability. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to excellence, SEMPRE
provides solutions that enhance the nation's security and help secure a safer future for all.

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