LCC Celebrates Employee of the Year Honorees

Lamar Community College

LCC Celebrates Employee of the Year Honorees

Lamar Community College (LCC) is proud to announce the recipients of their 2024 Employee of the Year awards. Amidst a pool of exceptional talent and character, the winners of this year’s awards have emerged as shining examples of excellence. Nominated and selected by their colleagues for their outstanding contributions during the 2022-2023 academic year, these individuals have demonstrated strong dedication and stellar performance in their respective categories. Congratulations to LCC’s winners, Laurie Ybarra – Admissions Coordinator, Becky Young – Developmental Ed. Faculty, Ian Blacker – Adjunct Professor, and Jordan Martinez – Custodian II, who will be honored by the State Board for Community Colleges during the annual recognition event in Denver later this spring.

Laurie Ybarra

Laurie Ybarra – Administrator of the Year

Laurie Ybarra, recognized by colleagues for exceptional dedication throughout the academic year, is the recipient of the Employee of the Year award in the Administrator category. In a period where numerous employees excelled beyond their daily duties, Laurie stands out for tireless efforts and commitment to promoting student access and success from the start. Her contributions extend beyond routine responsibilities, including organizing LCC’s participation in local events, service to the Sand and Sage Rodeo, and coordination of college fairs, and school visits. Laurie’s proficiency not only showcases her commitment but also amplifies the visibility of LCC’s mission within the institution’s service area. Laurie’s outstanding contributions make her a deserving recipient of the Employee of the Year award.



Becky Young

Becky Young- Faculty of the Year

Becky Young’s dedication and contributions at Lamar Community College shine brightly, attested as a colleague with over three decades of shared experiences. Through her remarkable work ethic and genuine passion for teaching, Becky has left an indelible mark on both students and colleagues alike. Noteworthy among her myriad responsibilities and contributions are her leadership roles, including serving as Chair of the Academic Review Committee, representing LCC at the State Faculty Curriculum Committee, and implementing accessibility services for students with accommodation needs. Becky’s commitment extends far beyond the classroom, as she readily mentors faculty, attends meetings, and supports students at athletic events. Her professionalism, willingness to help others, and institutional knowledge have made her an integral part of LCC’s success. As Becky embarks on her well-deserved retirement at the end of this academic year, her impact and legacy will be fondly remembered by all who had the privilege of working alongside her.



Ian Blacker

Ian Blacker – Adjunct Faculty of the Year 

Ian Blacker, awarded LCC’s Adjunct Faculty of the Year, exemplifies a commitment to student engagement and positivity. As the leader of the unofficial welcoming committee in the Bowman building, Ian’s cheerful disposition and genuine interest in student success create a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone who crosses the doorway. His brief yet impactful conversations with students not only brighten their days but also contribute to a positive learning environment. In addition to his role in welcoming students, those fortunate enough to be in Mr. Blacker’s communications classes benefit from his expertise, particularly in public speaking. LCC is fortunate to have Ian Blacker as an adjunct faculty member, making a lasting impact on both students and the overall campus community.



Jordan Martinez

Jordan Martinez – Classified Employee of the Year

Jordan Martinez is celebrated as the Employee of the Year in the Classified category. Jordan exemplifies dedication and a commendable work ethic. Taking immense pride in his work and team, Jordan sets high expectations for both himself and his colleagues. His welcoming demeanor, always accompanied by a smile, makes him easily approachable, and his willingness to lend a hand to anyone at any time highlights his commitment to teamwork. Jordan’s dynamic role involves maintaining several sites and assisting others. A reliable team player with a determination to succeed, Jordan goes above and beyond to ensure the job gets done. LCC is fortunate to have an individual of Jordan’s caliber contributing to the success of the college.

Dr. Rosana Reyes, President of Lamar Community College, shared, “As we celebrate the outstanding achievements of Laurie Ybarra, Becky Young, Ian Blacker, and Jordan Martinez, we not only honor their individual contributions but also acknowledge the collective spirit of dedication and excellence that defines Lamar Community College. Their commitment inspires us to uphold these principles and continue to work collaboratively towards our shared mission of fostering success and enriching the lives of our students and our community.”

The stories of LCC’s Employee of the Year winners encapsulate a narrative of dedication, resilience, and exceptional contributions to the institution. These individuals embody principles that define LCC’s culture, setting a standard for excellence that resonates throughout the college. As we applaud their achievements, may their stories inspire and motivate us all to strive for greatness, recognizing the collective impact of passionate individuals on their workplace. Congratulations to Laurie, Becky, Ian, and Jordan for this well-deserved recognition! | (719) 336-1590 |We Enrich Lives Through Learning



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