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February 12, 2024 is the last day for voters with a political party to change or  withdraw their affiliation if they wish to vote in a different party’s primary  election for the March 5, 2024 Presidential Primary Election. 

UNAFFILIATED VOTERS with an ACTIVE voter registration status will be  eligible to vote in a primary election. Ballot packets will be sent out for this  2024 Presidential Primary Election the week of February 12-16, 2024.  

Voters who are registered as “No Labels” will NOT automatically receive a  Presidential Primary election ballot in the mail. In order to vote in this  Presidential Primary election, you must be affiliated with the Democratic  Party, Republican Party, or be Unaffiliated.  

Here is how it works for unaffiliated voters:  

  1. You will receive two (2) ballots in your packet, one Democratic ballot and one  Republican ballot.  
  2. Choose ONLY ONE (1) of these ballots to fill out. Discard the ballot you  don’t use.  
  3. Sign the back side of your return envelope and place your ONE voted ballot inside in your secrecy sleeve and return it back to Prowers County Clerk’s  Office no later than 7:00 p.m. on election night, March 5, 2024. 
  4. SENDING BACK TWO (2) VOTED BALLOTS WILL DISQUALIFY YOUR VOTES.  5. Your vote in this election will not affiliate you with a political party but it will  be of public record for which one you chose to vote.  

REMEMBER: Postmarks dates do not count as received. Your ballot must be  in the possession of the County Clerk by 7:00 P.M., March 5, 2024.  

Return voted ballots to: 

  • Prowers County Clerk & Recorder’s Office, 301 S. Main St., Ste. 210,  Lamar, CO 81052.  
  • Use the ballot drop box inside the courthouse on the table in front  of the security entrance. 
  • Use the drive by/walk up ballot drop box located in the parking lot  east side of the County Courthouse building, open 24/7.  
  • If you are mailing your voted ballot back to the County Clerk’s  Office you must have adequate postage.  

Important dates: 

  • Monday, February 12, 2024: Last day for political party change or  withdraw and to change your physical address. 
  • Saturday, March 2, 2024: Prowers County Clerk’s Office will be open  8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., for return of mail-in ballots, issue  

replacement ballots, register to vote, or update your name.  

  • Tuesday, March 5, 2024, ELECTION DAY: Prowers County Clerk’s  Office is open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., 301 S. Main Street, Suite 210, Lamar,  CO.  

Prowers County Election Department can be reached at (719) 336-8011 or by e mailing at election@prowerscounty.net

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