Breanna Skyler-Lawrence-Wilson

Breanna Skyler Lawrence-Wilson Named Good Citizen for Eads High School 

 Breanna Kyler Lawrence-Wilson, daughter of Barbara Joann Wilson-Scranton, is the Good Citizen of Eads High School. Miss Wilson is also the DAR Good Citizen winner for the Fort William Bent Chapter, NSDAR. She competed against area schools for the most outstanding application. Breanna was much like the other good citizens, a 4.0 GPA, enrolled in dual credit college classes and has a strong work ethic and emphasis on academics. 

Part 1 of Breanna’s scholarship application consisted of how she manifested the qualities of a good citizen. This part could be completed at home and was submitted together with her grade transcript and two letters of recommendation. 

Part II was a timed essay administered under the supervision of a faculty or DAR member. It had to be completed at one sitting, within a two-hour time limit, and without assistance, using only a dictionary. The scholarship applications were evaluated by independent, non-DAR judges. Breanna’s essay was outstanding.  Her winning entry has advanced to state then hopefully on to divisional and national levels of judging.

Dawn James, teacher at Eads High School, writes in her letter of recommendation, “Breanna served as a state officer in FBLA last year, which required a great deal of her time. Her excellent time management skills were a main reason she was able to do this while also serving in many capacities here in the school, such as cheerleading, Student council, FBLA, STAND (Students Taking a New Direction, an anti-drug and alcohol group), and NHS. Breanna is not one to be satisfied with merely participating in the organizations, but also served as an officer in most of them, planning and organizing a number of school events and fundraiser. She did all this while also working after school and weekends at our local grocery store, as she has for several years, and has risen up to the cashier level there.” Dawn went on to say that Breanna is extremely interested in the history of our county and has a keen grasp of how our government works and what an individual can do in order to help influence our country’s policies and leaders.

Breanna beautifully writes in her application paper, “Conflict, struggle, and injustice are inevitabilities. A better version of the reality we experience—a better version of ourselves, our family, our community, and our nation—is always a possibility. This concept intrinsically motivates as a daughter, aunt, sister, employee, student, leader, athlete, and citizen.”

Breanna plans to go to a four-year college to study either Computer Science or Cognitive science (with a specialization in computer science) in hopes to enter a career utilizing technology to enrich the lives of global population.

Mary Vazquez has been Breanna’s counselor for Eads High School and has known her for most of Breanna’s life. Mary describes Breanna as a person who pushes herself to the top of her potential, but she also realizes what she is able to handle and stays within that range.  Mary goes on to say, “Breanna exhibits maturity past her chronological age, and this is just one example.”  Mary was instrumental in submitting this application for Eads High School to the Fort William Bent Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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