Letter to the Editor:  Travis Hall for Re-2 District Board

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(The Prowers Journal has extended an invitation to allow all local candidates for government office to present their own position statement as to why they wish to serve on the Lamar City Council or Re-2 School Board.)

A recent Pew research article polling about various American systems and values found that “59% [of American adults] are pessimistic about its education system”.  Educational costs are rising, student interest appears to be declining, and infrastructure continues to age.  These are among a few of the challenges facing school districts across the nation- including our own RE-2 school district.

I’m a graduate of Lamar High School and with the educational foundation I received there, I went on to obtain my doctorate degree in physical therapy and returned home to continue my pursuits of raising a family, serving my community and developing my professional self. I hope for a future of returning Lamar graduates who also want to better the community where they were raised.

I am aware of challenges in our school district because they cross my path on a regular basis. As a parent of school age children, and one who has family and friends who currently teach or taught in the district, I hear of the challenges facing our students’ educational pursuits today.  I’m a second-year high school basketball coach and have witnessed how difficult it is to staff coaching positions.  I’ve worked for over 10 years in Lamar as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and have interacted with students in a professional capacity. There are issues students and teachers have expressed that I wish to address as a member of the school board.

I’ve come to know the teachers through interactions on behalf of my kids.  I’ve come to know the students on account of my professional and coaching responsibilities.  I grew up attending the very schools I now wish to serve as a school board member, with some of the same faculty that was present when I was a student.  I feel a deep sense of commitment to helping face the oncoming challenges for Lamar educational needs.

In running for school board, I wish to serve my community, support Dr. Krug, and help administrative staff in the best way possible.  There are challenges, but also opportunities that await the RE-2 School District but I’m optimistic about the future. I want to do my part in helping create opportunities for our kids and youth.  I believe that our local education system is as promising as the effort that we invest into supporting it.  With your vote I’ll work to ensure an education that allows our area youth the best opportunity to prepare for their future!

Travis Hall
Lamar, CO

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