Letter to the Editor: Shalah Lynn Mata, Candidate City Council, Ward 3

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(The Prowers Journal has extended an invitation to allow all local candidates for government office to present their own position statement as to why they wish to serve on the Lamar City Council or Re-2 School Board.)


My name is Shalah Lynn Mata and I am excited to be running for Lamar City Council in Ward 3.

I want to take this opportunity to briefly introduce myself to those of you who may not know who I am. I have lived in the area all of my life and grew up on my parent’s farm/ranch between McClave and Wiley. I attended McClave Schools for preschool through 12th grade. I then studied at Lamar Community College.

My husband and I have chosen to raise our four children in Lamar, Colorado where we live and work.  Our kids range in age from first grade to a freshman in high school. I work for a locally owned and operated business in Lamar. Most weekends, you can find me at sporting events whether for rec league, Jr. High or High school athletics.

I believe that change must start at home.   Together we can build a stronger community, state and nation as individuals get involved in our government at all levels.

If elected to serve on city council, I would focus on three key areas which are opportunities for our youth, economic growth, and community involvement.

Families are the cornerstone of our “small town” and in order to keep them here for generations to come, I feel we must focus on our youth. As a mother, I see a need for opportunities from employment to recreation within this age group.

Economic growth is of the utmost importance.  We must support our local small businesses to keep Lamar not just surviving but thriving. Our small businesses provide innumerable services and help our community as well as the small outlying areas in southeastern Colorado in many ways. We need to help them as they are essential to a healthy economy.

Lamar citizens deserve transparent communication from their leaders and for their voices to be heard. As a member of city council, I will be committed to listening to my constituents and taking action on their behalf. For our community to grow, elected officials must take into account the best interests of all people of this great town.

I appreciate the opportunity to run for Lamar City Council and hope you will consider voting for me to serve Ward 3 this November.

Shalah Lynn Mata

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