Letter to the Editor: Citizens of Lamar


Our community should be deeply concerned about the upcoming election, and I strongly encourage everyone to not only review the following information but also conduct their own research and engage with the current Mayor, Council members, and the individuals running against them.

It’s understandable that not everyone is satisfied with the current Council, and various reasons may contribute to this sentiment. However, a particular concern arises when we see five candidates receiving support from an organization whose members are not residents of Lamar. This organization goes by the name “Families for Responsible Government PAC,” backed by Marge Klein and SWS Polifi of Fort Lupton, CO. It is also known as Lamar Concerned Citizens or the Heritage Defenders. While there may be some Lamar citizens involved, the driving force behind this group predominantly consists of individuals who are not from Lamar or even Prowers County.

Despite claiming to advocate for the best interests of our community, this group has, over the past several years, generated more division and discord than unity. They have sought to insert themselves not only in the City and County government but also in our schools and the library, just to name a few areas.

This group actively worked to overturn the 2021 election results and attempted to hinder citizens’ ability to circulate petitions for legitimate ballot questions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they used their “peaceful” protests to discourage parents and children from receiving vaccines, despite it being a personal choice. While demanding their own right to protest and gather, they have tried to curtail the rights of others to exercise their own rights to protest and assemble earlier this year. This is not the only instance where they have used their efforts to harm the residents of Lamar and Prowers County; consider the opposition to recent community events held around town.

Is it acceptable for individuals associated with this group to engage in door-to-door campaigns involving slanderous comments to boost their candidates’ chances? I sincerely hope that when the time comes, they can substantiate these comments with factual information.

I leave you with these critical questions: What is their underlying agenda? What do they aim to achieve in Lamar that will ultimately benefit them? Will the candidates they are endorsing, both financially and organizationally, be required to enforce their radical agendas in the future?

All I ask is that you diligently research these matters because this group has worked to gain significant influence in this election, seeking to push through their objectives, regardless of whether they genuinely benefit Lamar or not.

Rhett Osbment
Lamar, CO

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