Lamar Rotary Annual Dictionary Distribution

Rotarians Debbie Davis, Judy Turpin, Dr. Chad Krug-Re-2 Superintendent


One hundred-twenty third grade students in Lamar received a lasting gift from Lamar Rotarians, a personal, hardbound dictionary.  This is the 21st year Lamar Rotary members have made this gift to students, funded by various regional sponsors.  Other third graders in southeastern Colorado counties have received this literal gift of knowledge from Rotarians as this year’s theme is, “Create Hope in the World.”

Payson Coen and Talara Coen, Alta Vista Principal

18 Alta Vista and 102 Parkview School students received their dictionaries from Rotary President, Judy Turpin and Rotarian, Debbie Davis as well as Re-2 District Superintendent, Dr. Chad Krug and Payson Coen, a high school student and son of Alta Vista Principal, Talara Coen.

For many students, the dictionary may be the only real book they own, each coming with a personally addressed note from a Rotarian.  While the books were being distributed, Turpin suggested the students look up the word, ‘Cougar’, relating to the school mascot.  Turning pages was a little different from scrolling on a computer, but each student’s desk contained plenty of reading material, so the concept was not totally new to them.  With a solid background of information, combined with a youngster’s imagination, these dictionaries are a great way to develop a lasting curiosity about their world and the means to find a greater understanding of how it works.

By Russ Baldwin

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