Kaye Hainer Honored for Years of Service in Tourism


Kay Hainer


During the Colorado Governor’s Tourism Conference last week, awards were presented for Outstanding Tourism Efforts to honor individuals and organizations for their excellence in the Colorado Tourism Industry.   After the Dinner, and the Speakers, and for the grand finale to a gathering of over 600 representatives, there were amazing pictures of Lamar flashed on the huge screens as they announced that the winner was from Lamar!  Kaye Hainer from the Colorado Welcome Center in Lamar.

I had previously written a letter to nominate her.   It is an amazing honor to receive as this award is available to all volunteers who help in Colorado promoting tourism!  There were many nominations for this prestigious Outstanding Volunteer of the Year for Colorado, and we were so pleased she won.  😊

Yeah Lamar!

Submitted by Leslie Stagner

Manager, Lamar Welcome Center

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