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Sparrow House is a faith-based public charity. We believe in government but we do not believe it is, nor has ever been, the government’s responsibility to feed people (aka food stamps/SNAP). Why? An example: the government may give money to the prostitute but they do not care about her actual soul or value as a person. Along with the food, we try to encourage and restore value. Sparrow House receives a lot of criticism- enough to keep people that really do need help from coming.  We understand examining systems, not encouraging laziness, or enabling disfunction – but if you have never personally come and contributed of your personal time and poured into the lives of those that are struggling- please don’t criticize when we pour so much time into this ministry of truly trying to help others.

Food pantries had a lot of attention during Covid- support poured in from local, state, and federal like we had never seen. But very few realize that NOW is the challenge. We do get a lot of support through the holidays and are appreciative but last night wasn’t a holiday- and in 3 hours we fed 527 people, 2,101 pounds of food that consisted of fresh produce from the garden, a frozen meat, some milk til we ran out, some bread til we ran out, a pack of cookies, a drink per person, canned corn, tuna, a bag of cereal, and a microwave meal of stew per person.

About 70% of our food, we are currently purchasing- using funds from grants, individuals, and some businesses. We count on this community- for a lot- and we are putting this out there today to ask for your support- however you are able.  Our mailing address is PO Box 983, Lamar, CO 81052. Or there is a PayPal link on our Facebook page. But we also invite you to come by – visit with us and see the need for yourself- have questions answered if you have any.

We are very grateful for your support!

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