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DENVER – Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is offering grant funding to shooting range projects that make improvements at public and private shooting range facilities that allow hunter education classes, public sight-in days and youth and family involvement in the shooting sports. Projects must be between $500 and $5,000 in value and matching funds must be provided. Deadline to apply is September 29, 2023 at 5 p.m.

The Shooting Range Small Grant Program provides matching funds to Colorado entities for the improvement and maintenance of Colorado shooting ranges. The grants available through this program reimburse project sponsors for up to 75% of approved expenses.

“Hunter education is vital to CPW’s mission to educate and inspire current and future generations to serve as active stewards of Colorado’s natural resources,” said CPW Statewide Hunter Education Coordinator Jordan Likes. “Having publicly available shooting ranges and facilities helps to ensure hunters have the knowledge and skills to be safe and ethical during hunting season.”

Funding for the Shooting Range Small Grant Program is generated from the Hunting and Fishing license plate that provides dollars specifically set aside to increase recreational shooting opportunities.

Who can apply:

Local government agencies, parks and recreation departments, private shooting ranges that allow use by hunter education classes and allow public sight-in days, shooting associations or any other shooting facility that is open to the public may apply for a small shooting range grant.  Commercial, for-profit ranges are not eligible. Please contact the CPW’s Hunter Education Office at 303-291-7470 if you have questions about eligibility.

Applicants must match a Small Shooting Range Grant award with non-state cash or in-kind services like donated labor and/or supplies and equipment use. Grant activities must produce improvements at shooting ranges that are readily available for public use – some private use is allowed.

Eligible project

The Shooting Range Small Grant Program is designed to improve shooting ranges across Colorado. The following are general requirements of all projects:

Proposed improvements are substantial in nature.

Improves access and/or amenities at a shooting range that is available for public use.

The public access to the shooting range resource is assured for hunter education classes and use by hunters for sight-in and practice.

The project is determined to be a cost-effective investment.

The grant funded activities will be maintained for the life of the project for shooting range purposes, which is normally considered to be 15 years, if major construction work is involved.

The project will assist Colorado Parks and Wildlife in reaching its Strategic Plan goals of an increase in hunter recreation days and hunter satisfaction.

Projects will be ranked primarily in terms of new and/or improved shooting range opportunities for the greatest number of users. CPW plans to select approximately five to eight projects annually. Each project request should not be less than $500 or more than $5,000.

Be sure to completely describe the project in the application, emphasizing how it benefits hunter education, hunter sight-in and practice, and youth participation in shooting sports.

For additional information refer to CPW’s Shooting Range Small Grant FAQ page or contact Jordan Likes at

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