Rebuttal to Letter to Editor regarding City of Lamar & Marijuana dated July 28


Dear Editor:

Before I get to my rebuttal I would like to state that this letter is from me as a citizen of Lamar and Prowers County and does not reflect the views of any boards or organizations for which I am affiliated.

I would like to address the untruth that I am pro-marijuana as stated as fact by Ms. Sturges in her letter to the Prowers Journal editor on July 28.  I have never written or made any statement that I support marijuana initiatives.

At this stage in my life, I do support the development of young leaders in our community.  I am an advocate for young people to take on leadership roles as elected officials, board members, council members, and participants in civic organizations. As my generation ages out, we have a responsibility to prepare young people to take on the important role and responsibility of making decisions for future generations. The best way to learn is to get involved in the process. I believe Mr. Bates has started down that path, despite his position on a historically-controversial issue.

I am disappointed that we now live in a world where we resolve issues and conflict by gross assumptions, selective mistruths, and personally attacking people we don’t agree with.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to educate Lamar voters on the pros and cons of an initiative, then give everyone the freedom to choose?

I am truly a concerned citizen of Lamar, wanting what is best for our future.

Cheryl Sanchez
West Parmenter Street
Lamar, CO



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