Lamar Community College Hosts Visit with Attorney General


Lamar Community College (LCC) had the honor of welcoming Colorado’s Attorney General, Phil Weiser, to its campus on Friday, July 21.  The visit was an opportunity for the Lamar Community College, a leading institution in construction trade education, to highlight its vital contribution to the Colorado Partnership for Education and Rural Revitalization as well as showcase the latest Construction Trades renovation projects, reflecting LCC’s commitment to empowering the local community through education and skill development.

Attorney General Phil Weiser, who has been a staunch advocate for workforce development, engaged in a series of conversations and interactions with staff during his visit to Lamar. Recognizing the significant role high priority education plays in transforming lives and boosting local economies.

LCC welcomed Attorney General Phil Weiser with great enthusiasm as he engaged with the College’s executive leadership team. The event was an opportunity for Lamar Community College to showcase its successes and contributions to the Colorado Partnership for Education and Rural Revitalization, a program aimed at supporting and revitalizing rural communities across the state.

The discussions and documents provided during the visit highlighted the pivotal role educational institutions play in the economic growth and overall well-being of rural communities. “Attorney General Weiser applauded Lamar Community College’s efforts in providing accessible and quality education to students in the Southeast Colorado region, emphasizing the importance of quality workforce training education as a foundation for sustainable development” shared Vice President McLemore.

Lamar Community College’s latest Construction Trades renovation project in Wiley, Colorado was a highlight of the visit. The project exemplified the College’s commitment to providing students with hands-on experiences and practical skills essential in a high priority occupation in our region. Attorney General Phil Weiser and the accompanying delegation were thoroughly impressed by the transformation of the project home and the dedication of LCC’s students and instructors in producing a high-quality renovation. Students gained practical, hands-on experiences, preparing them for real-world challenges in their chosen fields.

“We are honored to have hosted Attorney General Weiser on our campus and to have had the opportunity to showcase the impact of our training programs,” said President Reyes. “We firmly believe that an accessible, affordable, quality post-secondary education is essential for the prosperity of both individuals and the community we serve. Our commitment to providing top-notch career and technical programs is unweaving, as it directly addresses the needs of our region’s economy and helps individuals achieve economic success.”

During the visit, Attorney General Weiser had the opportunity to tour the state-of-the-art facilities at Lamar and witness firsthand the hands-on training and innovative techniques that are driving students’ success. By offering comprehensive programs in fields such as construction, welding, renewable energy, and more, LCC is enabling students to gain the practical expertise required to excel in their chosen field.

Attorney General Weiser’s visit was a significant moment for Lamar Community College, reaffirming the College’s position as a leader in education and a catalyst for rural revitalization in Colorado. Lamar Community College is committed to empowering students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen careers. With a diverse range of programs and a strong focus on community engagement, LCC plays a pivotal role in the region’s educational landscape.

LCC’s commitment to workforce training aligns with the vision outlined by the Colorado Governor and the Attorney General’s Office, which recognize the significance of equipping individuals with the skills needed to secure gainful employment and contribute to the state’s overall economy.

Building upon the success of the Colorado Partnership for Education and Rural Revitalization, Career Advance Colorado, fueled by House Bill 23-1246’s funding of $38.6 million, will fully cover enrollment costs for training programs in sectors facing significant workforce shortages. This program, signed by Governor Jared Polis and supported by key legislators like Colorado House Speaker Julie McCluskie, Senators Janet Buckner and Perry Will, and Representative Rose Pugliese, is set to go into effect in the weeks ahead. Students seeking training in these vital areas can look forward to receiving tuition support from Career Advance Colorado, further strengthening the state’s and LCC’s commitment to educational excellence and economic prosperity for all.

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