LUB Wind Turbine Inspection Completed


Lamar Light and Power Turbines


The system operating report from Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, noted that Western Area Power Administration notified the board that due to the above average mountain snowpack, there will be additional hydro power generation for the Plant’s CRSP allocation of 7,869 MWh’s. The plant will receive the full May allocation of 536,677kwh’s delivered through Arkansas River Power Authority.  The plant’s allocation has been reduced by approximately 30% since January 2022 and ARPA has supplied the resulting shortfall. Hourieh noted the cause of the decrease was attributed literally to lack off available water from the current drought.

The wind turbine crew finished its semi-annual maintenance program on all five turbines and a borescope of T-4’s gearbox and main bearing was conducted.  T-4, owned by ARPA, is still using the original gearbox which is over 20 years old and the main bearing.

The Lamar Utility Board authorized payment on $12,962.73 from a total of $24,527.33 in purchase orders this past Tuesday, May 23rd.  $6,875 was for the annual inspection of the wind turbine man lift.  The board also moved to pay bills totaling $120,125.

Six bids were submitted by the Light Plant for replacement of a variety of stock inventory.  The low bid from Western United for $3,891.11 was approved.

Utility board financial statements for April show no significant changes to the balance sheet with cash down $123,656 from Marcy and accounts receivable increased by $94,458.

Total operating revenue for the month is $1,101,792 with operating costs of $962,165 for gross operating income of $139,626.  When the non-operating revenues and expenses are factored, there is a net income for the month of $21,128.

Compared to 2022, April 2023 revenues from retail sales are up 6% or $249,130.  Overall operating expenses are down approximately $44,618 or 1% for a net income of $15,033 for the year.
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