Senator Rod Pelton – 2023 Session Newsletter February 28th


CO Ag Forum & Ag Labor Laws

Last Thursday, February 23rd, I was excited to attend the Colorado Agricultural Forum, which was put

on by the Colorado Agricultural Leadership Program. This Ag Forum did an excellent job of bringing a wide range of ag stakeholders together to discuss what is happening in the ag sector. One of the items of highlight and importance was the reminder regarding labor compliance standards and regulations that now will be affecting agricultural employment for overtime and minimum wage obligations.

My Bills:

House Bill 23-1156: Public Airport Authority Act Modernization

The “Public Airport Authority Act” allows for a county or a municipality to create an airport authority to operate an airport located within the county or municipality or the combination of the two. This bill also defines and clarifies extent of power, inflation, and the involvement of the airport board of commissioners as well as county commissioners with airports.

HB23-1156 has passed out of the House with no amendments and is now going to be introduced in the Senate.

Senate Bill 23-068: Operations of County Public Hospitals. Currently, if a hospital board acquires real property, title to the real property must be in the name of the county.

The bill authorizes real property to be in the name of either the county or the hospital itself. Furthermore, this bill clarifies that indebtedness by a hospital board is the obligation of that board not the county commissioners. Senate Bill 23-068 has passed the Senate and is now moving its way into the House.


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