LCC President, Dr. Rosana Reyes, Outlines New Growth Opportunities at the College


Dr. Rosana Reyes, LCC President



Dr. Rosana Reyes, Lamar Community College President, met with the Prowers County Commissioners for the first time this past Tuesday, March 7th, since her hiring as the new president.  The informal meetings between the commissioners and leaders of various organizations have become a mainstay over the years. Dr. Reyes provided a monthly synopsis of fall activities dating back to this past September, as well as a current update on her past month as she becomes acquainted with her college and the community.

“I’m very glad to be here.  These meetings will help keep us up to date and the shared information will help serve to align our goals for our academic region,” she said.  “I’m providing operational updates every two weeks for the college staff while I’m in the process of visiting with each member of every department.”

One area, the development of EMT’s and the training curriculum at the college was discussed.  Earlier this year, the commissioners provided $100,000 in ARPA funds to the LCC Foundation to help offset the shortfall of trained responders throughout the region.  One aspect of the grant is to have current EMT’s do outreach programs at high schools to attract interested students into the curriculum.

Reyes said one new development will have LCC join CU Denver’s School of Education and Human Development Initiative to address a severe teacher shortage throughout the state.  The federally funded program will provide $6.4 million throughout the nation to develop bachelor degree, education graduates who will  receive their license for early childhood, elementary and special education courses without having to leave the LCC service region.  More information will be provided about the March 22nd launch event at the college.

Reyes and the commissioners discussed the possibility of using PATS busses to provide access to students who wish to get downtown to either shop or just get out into the community.  Additional renovation work continues on the former motel adjacent to the Eagles Lodge.  The college acquired the facility last year and has increased dormitory space for new students.

LCC saw a tremendous amount of construction work the last two years and more is on the way with a several-year refurbishment project planned for the Bowman Building.  One benchmark for 2024 will have work done to the library and ADA related projects, while a host of other improvements such as HVAC replacement, indoor and outdoor lighting, electrical upgrades, fire suppression and alarm systems, roofing, floor, ceiling and restroom replacement, asbestos abatement and gas line replacements, all to be completed by 2026.

The college is also advertising for new positions including a full-time marketing coordinator, two part-time admission recruiters as well as a full-time employee in that category.

Dr. Reyes officially assumed the LCC presidency on March 1st.  She was Vice President for Enrollment and Student Affairs at Luzerne County Community College in rural Pennsylvania, where she oversaw seven college centers.  Her assorted academic efforts helped increase student enrollment during the pandemic and helped secure millions of dollars in funding for various construction projects.

By Russ Baldwin

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