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Dozens of students from the HOPE Center at the former Lincoln School in Lamar have been treated to a unique learning experience this month.  Dinosaurs, pizza, prizes, a movie and a fun way to learn.


Under the guidance of HOPE President, Byron Hall, and Chief Probation Officer of the 15th Judicial District Probation Department.  The Center provided various educational experiences about the life and times of dinosaurs when they were the predominant cold-blooded species that populated the earth millions of years ago.  The accepted theory is most perished when a several mile-sized asteroid crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula off of what was the Gulf of Mexico about 65 million years ago.  The following cataclysm from that impact initiated their decline on the planet.

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That fact and lots of others about dinosaurs in general became the topic of discussion in a series of classes held at the Lincoln School.  Students were also given some reading assignments in order to prepare for the quiz session of the Pre-History Pizza Party in the Center’s gym held Thursday, March 9th.  Dozens of kids were treated to dozens of Little Caesar Pizzas, bottled water and mandarin oranges, distributed by Anthony LaTour from the Advantage Program as well as Hall.

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Each student was given a handful of tickets that they could enter into a drop box in front of a series of prizes they could win when they gave a correct answer to the quiz questions Hall was asking as the afternoon pizza party progressed.  Up to 200 movie tickets were handed out which allowed entry to the newest sci-fi movie from Hollywood, “65” about a space traveler and a young companion who become stranded on the earth 65 million years ago in their own timeline following a collision with the notorious asteroid.  The feature movie was presented in a special showing at the Lamar Theater on Thursday afternoon, March 16th,during spring break.  Another book-to-movie event is being planned for the next school year.

By Russ Baldwin

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