Letter to the Editor: DeBono Awarded Plaque for Years of Dedication



1973 was a great year for Granada.  Being one of six school board members who interviewed this young man fresh out of the Navy and Adams State College.  He was offered a teaching position and to our pleasure, he accepted.

Little did we know at that time how much professionalism, manners and discipline would come into our school system because of Mr. “D”.  For nine years he taught history, coached football, basketball and track.

In 1982, the principal position was open and Mr. D took the job.  During his principal years, taps on his shoes could be heard by all.

When asked about his shoes, his comment was, “Makes my job easier.”  Students and teachers alike were aware, (he’s coming!).  If you were a student in trouble, you had three options for punishment:  25 push-ups, swats, suspension…your choice.  All this while, gaining respect.

1985 was another great year when M. D accepted the superintendent position which he held until his retirement.  As superintendent, he proudly introduced the graduating seniors while wearing his white suit.  When asked about his motivation and dedication to the school, his answer was, “I was hired and paid to do a job and I tried to do my best.”  Mr. D retired after 20 years as superintendent.

The year now was 2005 and he was no longer superintendent.  Many people would have said enough is enough but not Mr. D.  So, once again, he became the Driver’s Ed teacher and tester plus driving a route bus for the district.  Twelve years later, 2017, he officially retired from the Granada School District after 44 years of dedicated and faithful service.  Granada is where Mr. and Mrs. De Bono built their home and raised their family.

If you think he’s done providing service to his community, you’re wrong.  Mr. D is very active volunteering for community projects such as Pride Committee, Camp Amache restoration, fund-raisers and funeral dinners.  He’s also the go-to guy should a problem arise.  I feel I can speak for the community in saying, “Thanks, Mr. D, we appreciate you very much.”

A plaque, recommended by Johnny DuVall to the board, will be hung on the wall of the breezeway leading into the newest addition of the school in honor of Mr. DeBono and will be named for his service to the district and community.  A representation of the future plaque was given to DeBono during a January 12th ballgame at the school.


Submitted by Johnny DuVall
Former Granada District
School Board Member

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