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Dinosaurs, a brand-new science fiction movie, pizza, prizes, party and dinosaur poop??  Byron Hall, Chief Probation Officer for the 15th Judicial District and a member of the HOPE Center has put together a fun learning experience for area kids which comes together with free tickets for the showing of the new science fiction film, “65” at the Lamar Theater on March 16th.

This is a Book to Movie program in association with the Sci-Fi Writers Association which incorporates an opportunity for students to learn about dinosaurs, some of whom roamed southeast Colorado eons ago.

The Center has been collecting dinosaur books so kids can read up on the subject, from real classroom study to such fiction novels as the Jurassic Park series and Raptor Red.

Hall said the pre-movie Dino Party will be held at the Center on Friday, March 3rd with a noon lunch which features Paleontologist Karen Chin with the U of C/Boulder who will present a remote class about dinosaur fossils and Coprolites (dino poop).  The museum will supply a classroom hands-on, fossil kit.

A Pre-Historic Pizza Party is set for Thursday, March 9th from 4:30 to 5:30pm at the HOPE Center, featuring a dino quiz game with prizes and giveaways of up to 200 free movie passes for the special showing of the film, “65” at the Lamar Theater on Thursday, March 16th at 3pm.

“65” references how many millions of years in the past a space traveler and a companion are stranded on earth as he attempts to make it back home in his own timeline.

By Russ Baldwin


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