Lamar School District Re2 Congratulates Dr. Chad Krug



The district would like to congratulate our superintendent, Dr. Chad Krug, for receiving special recognition at this year’s CASB conference for his nomination for the Demont Award. This award recognizes individuals for their high moral character, compassion for students, and positive contributions to education.

Dr. Krug’s bold leadership and tireless dedication to the district over the last year has not gone unnoticed by the state or our board of education, and while Lamar is slightly above the 1500 student threshold, the Demont selection committee still chose to recognize him for his accomplishments in such a short time. The future is bright!

State Representative Jim Wilson, former educator and former superintendent, created the Demont Award to recognize and honor rural administrators “who have left it better than they found it”. The award is specifically designed for rural schools with a student population of less than 1,500.  At the time of application, the Lamar School District’s student count was 1,554.  The Demont Selection Committee chose to recognize Dr. Krug for this award despite the district exceeding the student population.

Included within the application, the Board of Education noted that “although Dr. Krug has only been in the district since July of 2021, he has demonstrated tireless work.  He is a brave and bold leader with a laser-focus on doing what is in the best interest of the students and staff he serves.  Beyond his bold leadership, Dr. Krug is a truly fantastic human and one that any education system would be proud to call their leader.  He is incredibly kind, considerate, funny, charismatic, intelligent, humble, thoughtful, and gracious.  The Lamar School District is very lucky to have Dr. Krug on our team and for that, we would like to recognize him for his hard work and dedication.”  Letters of support for this nomination were kindly provided by Dr. Linda Lujan, Mr. Bob Seay, and a Lamar High School senior.

Lanie Mireles

President, Re-2 District School Board

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