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Here are some new events highlighting events which had an impact on residents of Prowers County


Lamar Lions Club Centennial Celebration, June 11, 2022

Members and family of the Lamar Lions Club celebrated their 100th anniversary at the Lamar Elks Club this past Saturday, June 11th.  The organization came into existence in Lamar in September, 2021 and received its charter the following year.

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The ceremonies were officiated by Lion Garth Nieschburg which included a review of the history of the Lions organization as well as the local Lions group by keynote speaker, Betsy Denney, District Governor from Cotopaxi, Colorado.Following a prime rib dinner, six new members were inducted into the Lamar Lions, with three of those six having had to delay the official swearing in, due to Covid precautions.  New members were Rob Evans, Don Yoxsimer, Brad Young, Eric Nieschburg, Ian Springer and John Davis.

A heart-felt show of appreciation was awarded to Ellen Clausen, wife of departed Lions member, Wayne, for his 50 years of service and devotion to the Lamar Lions.

Pins were awarded to various Lions highlighting their years of membership and service including 50-year pins to Ken Callison and Garth Nieschburg, Benny Schumate and Ronnie Farmer for 45 years, Jim Farmer for 15 years and Richard Ramsay for 10 years.  Gerry Bates and Clay Peacock were also noted.
By Russ Baldwin


Bristol Senior-Community Center Groundbreaking

Groundbreaking Held for Bristol Senior-Community Center

The official groundbreaking for the Bristol Senior-Community Center in Bristol was held today, Monday, June 6th at 101 South Labelle Avenue with various county officials and residents on hand.  Rodney Carr, Chairperson for the Town of Bristol Improvement Board, told the gathering the building is being made possible through various, generous donations from around the state as well as a national level which will be announced on the 29th of the month.  An official ribbon-cutting will be held later this year with the completion of the 2,800 square foot ADA compliant facility.

Carr said it was a long two years, raising the funds to back the project which includes plans for an outdoor garden as well as a digitized QR display which will provide information on the town’s history and for veterans.  “I’d like to thank the Prowers County Commissioners for their support and to Stephanie Gonzales from SECED for putting us under the Enterprise Zone designation which allows tax credits for donations to this project,” he explained, adding this will has been a fantastic journey which will benefit the Bristol Community.  Carr said there are plans the Bristol facility will be able to offer services similar to other Prowers County centers to bridge any gaps that might exist.

The center will feature two murals, one dedicated to veterans and the other will provide historical information about the Bristol community itself through a digital, QR display.
By Russ Baldwin


New Street Sign

Lamar Council Okays Street Name Change

The Lamar City Council approved Resolution 22-06-01 renaming South 11th Street to Thunder Drive to match the recent change of the Lamar High School’s mascot to Lamar Thunder during its June 13th meeting.  The street runs north/south connecting Savage Avenue to Yucca Drive.  The new, official mailing address for the high school will become 1900 Thunder Drive.  Mayor Kirk Crespin explained the change will not impact the Plains View Apartment complex and from Yucca Drive northwards, the street name will still be South 11th.
By Russ Baldwin



Lamar Thunder Mascot Approved by CCIA

The Colorado Commission on Indian Affairs voted to remove the Lamar Re-2 School District from their list of schools using a mascot or logo deemed offensive to Native Americans last week, following a special session with Lamar School Board officials.  Listed mascot removals or alterations were mandated throughout the state last year with the passage of SB21-116.

After numerous decades the Lamar Savages logo and mascot is out and Lamar Thunder will begin replacing the images on school property and at the Lamar Community Building in the months ahead.  Earlier this spring, the school board took steps to begin eliminating depictions of an Indian in headdress from such areas as the school stadium and from the sides of busses, in a display a good-faith measure to the CCIA that the district was working to find an acceptable replacement.  One area that now needs to be replaced is the logo in the gymnasium of the Lamar Community Building, a process that may take several months and at considerable expense for the district.  Lamar students cannot use any facility with the old logo, so a temporary cover may be used to allow school events to take place.

The CCIA vote clears the Lamar School District from a $25,000 monthly fine which would have begun on June 1st.  The Commission rejected two earlier logo alternatives, which still contained Savages in the name.  The third recommendation was presented to the Commission following a meeting in late May, but they took no action at that time, leaving the school board wondering if they needed to pursue costly legal steps to file a temporary injunction.  A follow-up meeting, however, provided a vote from the Commission in favor of the Lamar Thunder logo showcasing a charging bison.
By Russ Baldwin

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