Repairs Underway for Flood Erosion for Willow Creek

Creek Banks Overflowed


The various thunderstorms from last week took their toll on a portion of the bank of Willow Creek, etching out tons of dirt from the east side of the east bank, about 200 yards north of the Memorial Avenue bridge when the creek rapidly expanded its capacity to carry water within the confines of its original bank.

Lamar Parks and Recreation Director, Rick Akers, met with city public works crews Tuesday afternoon to discuss how the eroded portion of the bank will be repaired.  At present, the area is loosely taped off from pedestrians, preventing them from walking along the rim, potentially caving it in and harming themselves.

“We’re going to fill along the base with rip rack and top that off with soil and build back the grass,” Akers said, adding that farther north of the collapsed area, more stones and gravel were deposited when the stream overflowed its banks and the rock was carried downstream and eventually deposited once the waters receded.  Akers said some repair work will also be needed directly underneath the bridge along the stream’s path.

By Russ Baldwin

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