Letter to the Editor:  Ukraine History of Resistance

A Ukrainian colleague suggested I watch “Winter on Fire”, a documentary on Netflix of the peaceful resistance of Ukrainians during the attempt at destruction of their democracy in 2013. She thought it captured the heart of Ukrainians. I am utterly inspired by the people in Ukraine and their unwavering courage in pursuit of democracy.

The voice and heart of their people, the organization, vulnerability, and unity are humbling and left me hopeful about dignity, integrity, and freedom.

I stand with the people of Ukraine against the brutal conquest of Vladimir Putin, and the continuing threats he makes for destruction of other peaceful countries.

We each have an individual ability to stand up to dictators and it took my breath away to see some young Russian soldiers refuse to kill Ukrainians in recent news. That is courage.

The global community has imposed wide-ranging—and justifiably harsh—sanctions on the Russian economy. I am willing to walk to the post office, ride a bike when I can, or pay a little more at the pump to interrupt this conquest of Ukraine, and countries beyond, by selling or seeking fossil fuels.

Through this conflict I also hope for the freedom of Russians from the dictator who has made their life hell.

I respect and cherish living in a democracy and ask myself, what am I willing to risk for keeping it? Speaking up is essential. Ukrainians have provided lessons for the rest of the world!

Kris Stokke
South 10th Street
Lamar, CO

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