Lance Clark, Bowling 300, Family-Style

Clark, Receiving Award from Arnulfo Ortega at Lamar Lanes

Lamar resident, Lance Clark achieved every bowler’s dream last February 7th , with a perfect game of 300 at Lamar Lanes, almost to the day, eight years earlier, when his father, Brett Clark, also threw 12 successive strikes for his 300.

“My dad was on hand for the game and recorded me,” Clark explained adding that when the last pin had fallen, he turned to his father and said, “Happy Birthday, Dad.”  His father, Brett, also has his perfect game highlighted with his winning score and date of achievement on a placard overlooking the lanes at the bowling alley.  Now, his son, Lance will be right up there with him and the others who attained their 300.

“I’ve been bowling off and on ever since I was a little kid,” Clark explained, saying he used to bowl on Saturdays and with the Sunday Lunch Bunch.  “I got away from the game for a little while, but played some while I attended college and when I returned to Lamar, I joined the Monday Night Men’s League.”

Clark said he remembered that his last, best game was a heartbreaker, scoring a 299 and it took a while before he threw his dream game.  “I tried not to jinx myself when I started getting close and as I got closer to the finish, everything stopped and got quiet in the room with everyone coming down to watch what was going on.  I was thinking of other things, trying to stay loose and calm right to the end.  It was a good finish with all-solid throws, no cross-overs or Brooklyn’s or anything like that…all right in the pocket.”

By Russ Baldwin

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