The Prowers Journal Letter to the Editor Guidelines


Letters should not be copies of letters to someone else or “open letters” to a third party.  The letter should not reply to an earlier letter that was itself a reply to another writer.

A writer or household may be represented in the column only once in 30 days.

Letters must be submitted with the writer’s full name. The writer’s name must be published, rather than a pseudonym.

The writer must include his or her street address and telephone number, though only the town of residence will be published.

Letters must convey an opinion. The column is not a community bulletin board to be used for announcements of events, or other primarily informational items.

Letters critical of the operating policies of local broadcast-news organizations should be sent to those organizations rather than The Prowers Journal.

No straight endorsements of candidates will be printed, though letters discussing candidates’ specific performance or positions on issues may be used.

((Letters must be fact-checked. If the editors cannot verify that the material presented as fact in the letter is accurate, the letter cannot be printed.))

We reserve the right to edit all letters.

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