Prowers Journal Annual Year-in Review, February 2021

The First Shipment of Vaccine Arriving at PMC


February 2021 Year in Review


PMC Board Receives Review for 2020, COVID-19 Update

The decrease in Covid cases coming into Prowers Medical Center is corresponding to the latest decrease in the Positivity Test Rate for Prowers County, according to PMC Chief Executive Officer, Karen Bryant.  The County is now designated at a Blue Level for cases and the Positivity Rate is currently under 1%, much lower than the standard 5% rating.

Bryant praised the hospital staff for their accomplishments in 2020 in the midst of all the chaos created by the pandemic.  Some of the past year’s highlights included the addition of a security staff on site seven days a week and for the first time, the hospital now has in-house laundry services which has improved quality control in that area.

“Last February we had our reaccreditation survey and certification with a governing health care provider and we received a three-year certification just before the pandemic became evident.  The annual review this past February was heavily concentrated on infection prevention,” she said.  The laboratory also had a certification review and received a zero-deficiency rating, its third in a row.  The Home Health department also received its third zero deficiency rating in a row.  Other areas of progress included a star rating improvement, from two to four in 2020 and PMC was one of four hospitals in Colorado to be listed as one of the top 100 Critical Care hospitals in the nation.
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City Making Inquiry into Charter Spectrum Cable Service

Lamar Mayor Kirk Crespin and City Attorney Lance Clark are composing a letter of concern to officials at Charter Spectrum, the city’s cable and internet provider.

“I’ve received quite a few calls and emails regarding Spectrum’s services which have been interrupted recently and most of the calls I’ve received in the past month have been about the company,” he explained during the council’s February 22nd meeting.  “We operate on a 10 to 20 year franchise agreement with a provider which pays the City of Lamar a franchise fee and uses our infrastructure to connect to their customers,” he said, providing background on the cable company.  He added that many of the comments are concerned about the amount of ‘down time’ when the signal fails to reach the community.  Crespin said it could be due to a lot of reasons, from an Act of God or lines being downed because of poor weather conditions.

The current contract with Charter Spectrum will expire in 2026. Crespin said the city doesn’t have a lot of recourse available to make provider changes in mid-stream, unless the company is blatantly disregarding its duties to provide cable and internet service.  “The city’s options in this are limited,” he stated.
By Russ Baldwin


Council Approves Water Deal for Highway 287 Construction

Several weeks from now, CDOT and Scott Contracting will begin a road improvement project from Savage Avenue, south along Highway 287.  The 3.5-mile-long project will require 3 million gallons of water by the time it’s completed in July.  The construction company is building a batch plant north of Spreading Antlers Golf Course and will tap into the non-potable 8” water line used by the course so as not to interfere with watering the grounds.  The city will sell the water for the per cubic foot charge set forth in the 2021 Rates and Fees schedule.  The estimated usage is just shy of 40,000 gallons per month or 5,330 cubic feet.  The Lamar City Council approved the agreement during its February 22nd, meeting.
By Russ Baldwin


US Highway 287 Lamar Resurfacing and Roadway Improvements Project

Prowers County — In early March, 2021, the Colorado Department of Transportation will begin work to improve a portion of US 287 through Lamar. (The project will begin in the vicinity of Savage Avenue). The project will include concrete pavement overlay, relocating roadway lighting, removing and replacing raised medians, storm sewer improvements, new signing and lighting and ADA curb ramp improvements.

There will be a virtual open house with information regarding this project beginning February 22 to March 1 with a comment period open until March 7.  Follow this link to view the presentation:

Chamber Micro-Bash Generates Interest

The Lamar Chamber of Commerce held the first of three Micro-Bash dinners this past Friday, February 26th at the Lamar Eagles Lodge.

Lamar Chamber President, Jerry Roseberry, noted that these are information-based meetings, the first of which was created as a basic introduction to some of the business-connected organizations in Lamar and how they can assist an existing or growing retail or service-oriented operation.

Future meetings will focus on other commercial and municipal aspects of community life in Lamar.  The second Bash will be held Friday, March 26th at the Lamar Elks Lodge and will focus on the retail sector of business life in Lamar and the downtown area and the final Bash is set for Las Brisas Restaurant on Friday, April 16th.  That meeting will provide information from guest speakers from the city’s banking and medical groups.
By Russ Baldwin

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