Prowers County Budget Set for 2022



The Prowers County Commissioners approved the county budget of $39,713,407 for 2022 during its December 7th meeting, noting the mill levy of 27.17 mills remains the same as it did in 2021.  The release noted the mill levies for each of the funds receiving property tax revenues is also unchanged from 2021.

The total taxable Assessed Valuation for the County has increased from $145,078,272 in 2021 to $151,270,778 for 2022.  The amount of money necessary to balance the budget for general operational purposes from property tax revenue is $4,110.027.

These are some of the estimated expenditures for each fund in the 2022 budget:

General Fund                            $10,867,491

Dept of Human Services         $10,564,578

Sales/Use Tax Fund                   $4,319,405

Public Health Agy Fund            $3,063,384

Road and Bridge Fund               $4,310,405

Consolidated Mail Center          $2,131,265

Overflow Processing Center      $1,322,855

Capital Fund                                  $1,504,144

Hotline Connection Center         $1,502,676

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