Lamar Re-2 School Board Approves 2022 Budget



The Lamar School Board approved a resolution certifying the levy of the school district for 2022 during its December 13th meeting.  The Mill Levy per HB20-1418 was set at 27 mills with a Tax Credit of 6.405 Mills and Net Mill Levy of 20.595 Mills.  The total mill levy is factored at 24.1075 mills for $2,278,620.

School Superintendent, Chad Krug, said the state has passed a requirement that districts increase their mill levies by one mill a year until the mandated 27 mills has been attained and as such, the district was required to raise the rate by one mill for 2022.  Krug said it isn’t a task the board wanted to do, but the state is shifting more financial responsibilities to a local level.  The student full time equivalent head count was up about 30 over last year at 1,519 for the district.

Krug said there wasn’t much new for Savage mascot developments under a bill passed by the Colorado legislature earlier this year, as the school board prepares to develop a diversified committee to seek out recommendations for the mandated change. “We’re still hoping to achieve our first option of maintaining the Savage name with an emphasis on the word being used as an adjective rather than a noun,” he explained.  The district is working with Jostens, a school yearbook publisher which can offer expertise in language and rebranding options through the spring up to March of next year.  “We will need to be able to find a logo which can offer a working blend of the past to lead into the school’s future,” Krug explained.

By Russ Baldwin

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