West Boat Ramp closed at John Martin Reservoir State Park due to low water

The end of the concrete on the West Boat Ramp at John Martin Reservoir State Park near Hasty is almost completely exposed making it dangerous for motorists to launch boats. The ramp is now closed. Guests are asked to use the East Boat Ramp. Photo courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

HASTY, Colo. – John Martin Reservoir State Park has closed its West Boat Ramp to trailer launching due to low water levels.

It has become too difficult to launch vessels from the ramp because the end of the concrete boat ramp will soon be completely exposed. To protect the safety of boating guests, Park Manager Dan Kirmer decided to close the West Boat Ramp.

“Guests are invited to launch their boats from the East Boat Ramp as it still has adequate water to accommodate most boats,” Kirmer said. “And the East Boat Ramp should remain open for the remainder of the season.”

The East Boat Ramp was designed as a low water boat ramp. And while it remains open, it is getting tricky to launch there.

Smaller vessels can launch with relative ease, Kirmer said. However, he cautioned that guests may need a high-profile vehicle such as a pick-up to back them in far enough to get off the trailer.

Larger vessels with deep hulls, or a trailer that sits high above the ground, will find it difficult to impossible to launch. Most vehicles will have to be partially submerged to launch boats from trailers.

Hand-launched craft such as canoes and kayaks can continue launching.

The idea of extending the West Boat Ramp is under discussion if the water level continues to decline.

Visitors can still fish on land and with a vessel in the area around the West Boat Ramp and Sandstone Cove.

Inspections for Aquatic Nuisance Species are still required at the Visitor Center until the reservoir closes to boating on Oct 31.

All other activities remain open. Visitors can enjoy camping, paddle sports, fishing, bird watching, and hiking.

For the most current conditions, please call 719-829-1801.

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