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Lamar Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, brought the Lamar Utility Board up to date on a brief history of tracking numbers for customer meters which has been performed every month of May since 1999.  That month, there were 5,778 connected meters for 4,056 customers with a high in 2003 of 5,836 connected meters.  The 2015-meter count has been the lowest since the count began, at 5,594 and 184 new connections occurred since then.  Several drop offs occurred in that span with connected meters going from 5,828 in 2004 to 5,658 by 2006.  Another downturn occurred between 2009 and 2010 when connections went from 5,713 to 5,635.

The Lamar Utility Board paid purchase orders totaling $783,546.23 of which $762,919.97 required board approval.  $666,558.45 was attributable to the electric sales estimate for the month to Arkansas River Power Authority.  The board also authorized payment of bills amounting to $206,895.92.

Superintendent Hourieh noted five bids for crossarm replacements were submitted to replenish stock inventory.  Western United’s bid of $11,138 was approved by the board.

Nine power poles were taken down by the high winds from Friday night, July 9th when a severe windstorm swept through portions of Lamar and Prowers County.  Hourieh stated that the community was lucky compared to Towner, where over two dozen power poles were knocked over from the same storm.

Hourieh said there is some final clean-up taking place on the site of the former Lamar Repowering Project, now that all the heavy equipment has been cleared.  “There was a water line that was damaged to Well #12, but they’ve repaired it and now wait for clean up to be completed.  Number six road base will be spread around the site and portions of First Street were damaged and that will be replaced by concrete as well as some sidewalk damage,” he explained.  Portions of extended rebar, sticking up from the pad will also be filed away to prevent any tire blowouts with future use.

By Russ Baldwin

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