Friday Night Winds Strike Lamar

Roof Damage at Lamar inn on Saturday morning



Considerable damage was done to homes, businesses and some vehicles in Lamar Friday Night, night, July 9th, when fierce winds and possibly several microbursts swept across portions of the High Plains in Prowers County and other sections of this area.

The Lamar Inn on North Main Street may have suffered the most damage as what may have been a microburst at around 8:30 that evening struct the motel complex, lifting off several section of the roof into the central parking area, and damaging several vehicles. No one was injured in the wind storm and City of Lamar, Chief Building Inspector, Craig Brooks, was on hand the following morning to assess the level of damage and inform the owner of their options.


Power outages were noted throughout the city as broken limbs and branches took out power lines in several blocks in town, ranging from north of the BNSF railroad tracks and into Willow Valley. Northside Park, off West Maple Street was also hard hit with several large branches broken off, bending power lines.

North Side Park


True sports fans to the last, those players in town for the annual Windmill Classic endured the storm winds for about 15 minutes, reducing visibility, but not enough to curtail the action at the city ballparks.

Strong Enough to Knock Over Speed Sign

City of Lamar work crews have begun the street by street clean-up of tree limbs felled by the storm.  Crews ask that you place your debris on your yard near, but not in, the curb.  Do not use the alleys for pick-up, streets only and don’t block gutters!

By Russ Baldwin

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