Ups and Downs for Community Progress

Conveyer is Down



While the long-awaited demolition of the Lamar Repowering Project nears its completion, just north of that area, the City of Lamar has contracted for a kayak rental facility to supply visitors with an assortment of human-powered craft to enjoy this summer at North Gateway Park.

Not Much Remains


Traffic on East Maple Street is being detoured while the conveyer assembly that spans the road is being taken down and shipped away, one of the final aspects of the demolition project on the ill-fated coal burning power plant.

One or two sections of equipment were purchased and had been shipped intact away earlier this year, while the majority of the plant’s structure is being chewed to pieces and the tonnage is being carded away by a firm hired by the City of Lamar and Light Plant. The domes are remaining as they are being purchased by an agricultural enterprise to be used as storage.

Kayak Rentals in Progress

The third pond of North Gateway Park is being transformed into an area that can accommodate several levels of entertainment for residents and future visitors alike.

Earlier in the year, restroom facilities were added to the two eastern ponds and following some earth-moving work and laying of electric and water lines, the outlines of the kayak rental building are now being erected. A section of the shoreline is being turned into a public beach area where people can unfold a chair, play volleyball and rent a paddleboat or kayak for the afternoon.

Family Outing on a Spring Day

Not pictured is the skeletal frame of the former Troy Motel on South Main Street. Brownsfield crews had been at work since this winter, carefully removing any traces of hazardous materials such as asbestos from the former business. The city had purchased the property and will eventually level the acreage in hopes a future buyer will use the prime property location to set up their own business venture.

By Russ Baldwin


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