Lamar Rotary Ducky Dash Winners, 2021


The Ducks are Off for the Traditional Dash


One of the more popular Lamar Days events is the ‘Ducky Dash’, sponsored by Lamar Rotarians.  The race may finally have found its home after having been held years ago in the Lamar Canal, the Lamar Swimming Pool and now at Willow Creek in the park.

The Ducks in the Pool

This year, 2,500 tickets were sold which surpassed the last event by 500 tickets, making it a great turnout and a great fund-raiser for the Rotarians who turn those donations into lasting projects for the community.

Ducky Dash for the Finish Line in 2016

There are seven winners with the two top prizes of $750 and $250, followed by five winners at $100 apiece.  The winners are, in order: SEMCO, Craig Schomaker, Michelle Wallace, Joann Trumble, Velda Havens, Community State Bank and Ellen Lovell.

The Rotarians also offer a big, ‘thank you’ to Judy Turpin who sold approximately 960 ‘ducks’ for the annual event.  They also extend a thank you to Ron Cook for his efforts in his spectacular annual car shows and to Rick Robbins for his logistical expertise.


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