Dear Editor: Regarding Agriculture Environmentalism



If the country is serious about tackling climate change, we ought to be sure to include the original environmentalists: our farmers and ranchers.

Senator Michael Bennet understands as much with the Growing Climate Solutions Act, of which he is a co-sponsor.

The act enables the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to provide technical assistance and a certification program to help farmers and ranchers seeking to voluntarily participate in carbon markets. As a result, agriculture producers will benefit from the contributions they make in sustainability and climate smart practices.

Farmers and ranchers are stewards who work to protect the land for future generations.  This act ensures that moving forward, particularly for those of us in southeast Colorado.

Last week, the bill passed out of the Senate’s Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry committee and now goes to the Senate floor. This is a measure that was built with bipartisanship in the Congress, a large coalition of ag organizations including Farm Bureau and Farmers Union, a number of major environmental organizations as well as food preparing organizations like McDonalds, with our farms and ranches in mind.   I hope the Growing Climate Solutions Act passage continues to find overwhelming support.

Thanks, and sincerely,

John Stulp
Highway 287
Lamar, Colorado

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