Prowers County Shares in DoLA Energy Impact Grant Awards



Denver, CO – March 18 – The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) through the Division of Local Government (DLG) recently awarded $13.28M for 27 Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Fund (EIAF) Tier II grants for a wide range of projects across the state.

Among them are the towns of Mancos and Bennet, Prowers County, a fire district in Boulder County, and Winter Park.

“Colorado’s local governments work hard to ensure sustainability and resiliency in their communities,” said DLG Director Chantal Unfug, “And DOLA is proud to support their efforts.”

DOLA awarded Prowers County Hospital District $750K for a new MRI installation at Prowers Medical Center in Lamar, Colorado. The new machine will allow 12 times more imaging sensitivity for specialized views of brain trauma, heart conditions, orthopedic disorders and breast abnormalities. The new technology will provide imagery that can eliminate the need for biopsy or surgery, reducing the risk and vulnerability of healthcare to this rural population.

DOLA awarded the Town of Mancos $850K to replace a 330k-gallon water storage and distribution tank that will include an updated automation system to replace the existing one, which currently runs on cassette tapes. The new system, accompanied by UV light cleaning technology, will provide safer, more stable and resilient water supply to the people of Mancos.

DOLA awarded the Town of Bennet $500K for a new one million-gallon water tank that is double the capacity of their current one, which is suffering from structural degradation. The new tank will increase fire flow reserves, improve water quality and increase water capacity for a community with growth forecasted in the near future.DOLA awarded Winter Park, Colorado $250K for water, gas and power infrastructure to Hideaway Junction, an attainable-housing development of 20 homes targeted at the local workforce. Following a 2015 housing-needs assessment which showed only 19 percent of housing units are occupied by local residents, this project gives local workers an opportunity to compete for homeownership in a market dominated by the purchase of second homes.

DOLA awarded the Four Mile Fire District in Boulder County $250K for a new four-wheel drive Type 3 Wildland/Urban Interface fire engine. The new engine has capability for pumping water while moving — referred to as “pump and roll ­­­— has increased water capacity and ground clearance, and will accommodate four firefighters. The district has limited resources but is prone to wildfires in rough terrain. This updated fire apparatus will help reduce the impacts of fires as well as medical response times.

Funding from the EIAF program is ongoing to help areas socially or economically affected by the development, processing, or energy conversion of minerals and mineral fuels. EIAF awards help achieve Governor Jared Polis’ Four Bold Goals for renewable energy, education, health, and economic development, while also meeting the needs vocalized by rural communities.

“It is more critical than ever to leverage funding toward public infrastructure,” Unfug added.


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