Honkers Welcome Sage Wind Apartments

Victor Coberley, Val Baldwin, Kathy Kennedy, (seated on right-Yvonne Watkins) Ginger Coberley and Ashley Roseberry


The Lamar Honkers visited with Yvonne Watkins, property manager of Sage Wind Apartments, owned by SGL Enterprises and located on Yucca Street in Lamar.  Watkins explained the complex has over three dozen units in 1-2 and 3 bedrooms, all newly renovated with all-new appliances.

Sage Wind office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm and by appointment for later hours.  Saturdays by appointment only and closed Sundays.  Her office is at 1705 South 12th Street and she can be reached at 720-316-6095 or at sagewindapts@gmail.com.

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