COVID-19 Cases Decline Another Week in Prowers County



The Prowers County Public Health and Environment Department’s weekly COVID-19 update as of Wednesday, March 3rd, shows the seven day average for the Test Positivity rate is now down to 0.42%, a drop from 0.52% last week. The goal remains at 5% or below. There have been only two cases between February 23rd and March 1st and three cases in the past 14 days. There have been 1,163 covid cases in Prowers County on a cumulative summary with 64hospitalizations and 22 deaths in people who tested positive for COVID-19.

The 30-39 age group in Prowers County shows the greatest percentage of cases with 180 reported, followed by the 60-69 age group with 170 cases. Sixty cases have been reported for those ten and younger and seventy cases for those 80 years of age or older.

Vaccine testing is expanding in the county to include 1B.3 candidates as of March 5th. It includes agriculture workers who are in close proximity to one another, those age 60 and up and those age 16-59 with two or more chronic health conditions. Once Phase 1 is complete the vaccine will then be made available to the general public. There are five stages of Phase 1 which is complete with 1B.4. PCPHE has administered over 1,400 doses so far and Johnson and Johnson has been approved for production of its single dose vaccine.

Governor Polis issued an executive order calling for the extension of wearing protective masks thirty days from March 5, 2021.

By Russ Baldwin

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